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Gulf Perlite LLC is a UAE-based manufacturer of Perlite-based products and solutions serving clients in UAE & Saudi Arabia as well as across the GCC and beyond, exporting to over 35 countries, from their state-of-the-art production facility in Jebel Ali, Dubai. Their product range benefits from the versatile properties of Perlite: a lightweight, fully natural & inert, pH-neutral mineral.

 Landscaping applications benefit from the superior water-retention properties of their specially-designed Hydro Perlite (0-2 mm) Water-Retaining Soil Additive, which has a proven water holding capacity of 900% by weight as per official Ministry Labs, therefore provenly reducing irrigation needs by up to 50%. Hydro Perlite’s naturally absorbent structure improves the free available water (due to an increase in total pore space) of the soil by a minimum of 255%. Hydro Perlite is an inorganic, entirely natural, pH neutral, and reliable soil additive that enctheirages more robust & deeper root development and offers resistance to drought stress or irrigation system failure. Due to the economic and ecological advantages of Hydro Perlite, as it significantly reduces the demand for irrigation water, it is fast-becoming the strategic solution for project developers in the region.

In addition, their Horticultural Perlite (2-6 mm grain size with a density of 80 kg/m³) is a fully inorganic, lightweight soil conditioner which permanently reduces soil mix density for elevated planters on-slab to circa 770 kg/m³ (standard sweet soil mix has a bulk density of ca. 1,700 kg/m³) , thus offering a substantial 60% reduction in density & load. 

 They work closely with clients and major international consultants and have delivered numerous high-profile projects along the years. Their technical submittals are backed by officially-monitored and certified lab tests and year-long field mock-ups, reflecting their successful track-record for over twelve years in delivering 50% water-savings.

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Address: 2501 & 2505, HDS Towers, Cluster F, Jumeirah Lakes Towers, Dubai, UAE 

Phone: +971 4 243 4677/88